DinoSmash HD Online

4.0 ( 570 ratings )
게임 엔터테인먼트 액션 아케이드
3.99 USD

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DinoSmash HD Online is the first fast-paced internet multiplayer shootem up for iPad!
"DinoSmash is an awesome fast paced multiplayer third person shooter with excellent three dimensional (3D) graphics and animations that offer 30 to 40 frames per second refresh rates, and combines itself with great gameplay across both WiFi and 3G networks." - Appmodo.com

DinoSmash Goal:
Your mission is pretty simple: you have to shoot other dinos in order to score points. To succeed you will have to be the fastest to take the most powerful weapons and use your best skills to navigate and target other internet players.

Up to 16 players from all over the world can compete in various modes including the famous capture the flag and team deathmatch

- Detailed rendered 3D world and dino characters
- Real-time Internet combat system with up to 16 players
- Advanced Multiplayer features including automatic matchmaking system
- Internet scores
- Stereo 3D sound system
- 5 balanced weapons plus the hook
- Optimized graphics engine
- Character customization: 2 Dino races, 24 different heads and 5 body clothes
- Servers in Europe, America and Asia

This game requires Internet, WiFi is recommended.